the pamcam weddings – miguel and simone

“we really want our guests to enjoy the evening and just have fun” – was the summation of the wedding objective as outlined by miguel and simone at our first meeting.

if the two of them meet their work objectives with the same single-minded clarity as they did this goal, they should be soaring up the corporate ladder in no time at all…

the day had some interesting side-by-side paradoxes:
• the mediterranean flair that formed part of the heritage of these families who came together on this day… set in a fanciful, overgrown, fairytale, english garden at the lovely shepstone gardens venue in johannesburg
• elegant floral settings featuring a set of bubbles and a neon toy water pistol for each guest (miguel’s idea)
• a deeply reverent service in the nearby st. mary’s catholic church, full of symbol and significance…
after which a raucous party ensued that left us clutching our cameras to avoid getting “water-pistol’ed” any which way we turned…

we felt the whole day was such an apt metaphor for the coming together of two lives, two worlds, two families, two hearts.

and it just worked.

miguel and simone, we trust that this will be a theme for your marriage in the years to come… always having the best of both worlds and for it always to work and bring you multiplied happiness.

thanks for letting us crash the party.

much love,
pam and shannon




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