the pamcam weddings – jeffrey and claire

we danced the night away with jeffrey and claire and their guests…

– so at home did we make ourselves at their wedding
– so inviting are they as people
– so tangible is the love and regard that so easily pours out of them and their union

it is always a disarmingly beautiful thing to be part of a wedding that centers around down-to-earth, kind, deep people.
don’t get me wrong, there was absolutely nothing lacking in terms of wedding decor, details, personal touches and wedding favours…

but, the underlying sense of the groundedness of this couple and their families made a weighty impression on us.

claire – you were the perfect blushing bride with your sweet, demure and beautifully contented disposition (and insanely gorgeous ice-blue eyes)
jeff – believe me when i say we have never seen a groom so openly affectionate with his bride and with his family members and we sincerely wish everyone could experience love like that.

we just know you too are going to make a beautifully crafted story of your lives together and we are so happy you chose us to witness and document the official start of the fairytale.

enjoy the photos.

much love,
pam and shannon

everything a bride needs to make the day go smoothly…


the pamcam weddings – miguel and simone

“we really want our guests to enjoy the evening and just have fun” – was the summation of the wedding objective as outlined by miguel and simone at our first meeting.

if the two of them meet their work objectives with the same single-minded clarity as they did this goal, they should be soaring up the corporate ladder in no time at all…

the day had some interesting side-by-side paradoxes:
• the mediterranean flair that formed part of the heritage of these families who came together on this day… set in a fanciful, overgrown, fairytale, english garden at the lovely shepstone gardens venue in johannesburg
• elegant floral settings featuring a set of bubbles and a neon toy water pistol for each guest (miguel’s idea)
• a deeply reverent service in the nearby st. mary’s catholic church, full of symbol and significance…
after which a raucous party ensued that left us clutching our cameras to avoid getting “water-pistol’ed” any which way we turned…

we felt the whole day was such an apt metaphor for the coming together of two lives, two worlds, two families, two hearts.

and it just worked.

miguel and simone, we trust that this will be a theme for your marriage in the years to come… always having the best of both worlds and for it always to work and bring you multiplied happiness.

thanks for letting us crash the party.

much love,
pam and shannon



the pamcam families – jonathan, michelle and gabriel

i should title this post the coolest family ever and not list their names.

we met a few years back when we shot their wedding at morrells. to this day the owner, bernice, talks about the intensity of the chemistry between them that charged the atmosphere at the wedding.

‘the beautiful and sparkling’ michelle and ‘the edgy and heart-on-his-sleeve’ jonathan belong together. destiny didn’t surprise us then, with the addition of cute-beyond-belief gabriel, whom we were also blessed to photograph shortly after he entered our space on the planet.

now almost two and with the most beautiful disposition… we caught up with them again on a wintery joburg day.

of course we LOVED jonathan’s new hairstyle 🙂 – now you know where gabriel gets it from… but more than the styled outfits and sleek looks… we can’t help but be continually amazed at the love that flows between this couple and now to their gorgeous child. it is something to be celebrated.

celebrated. captured and aspired to.

much love.

this has to be the cutest kid-initiated family hug i’ve ever been witness to.

the pamcam families – leon, marrisa and ané

must be wonderful to have friends that love you so much that they buy you shoots as presents!

i want to make more friends like that 🙂

thanks to minette for introducing me this beautiful family.

well, little ané certainly gave us a run for our money – simply refusing to sleep during our shoot… i have no doubt that the minute we finished and the got into the car she slept contentedly all the way home and probably way into the night.

alas, we still managed to get some lovely shots with her.

leon and marissa also fit the pam/chris phenomenon… loud, mad, scatterbrain artist falls for stable, solid, intriguing, man of few words, auditor 🙂
so the shoot was filled with plenty of chats along those lines. instant rapport 🙂

i particularly loved the blanky granny sewed for ané – it was like a fluffy little cloud. of course we just had to find ways to include it.

thanks family for your time and sharing your precious little (non-sleeping) person with me and my cam – i absolutely loved it!

granny’s cloud blanket. LOVE.

this little toe anomaly runs in the family – what better way to capture my attention than toes, right?

the pamcam families – daniel, sanne, jai, bente and jad [holland]

our paths crossed late 2001 when renate and i followed up on an email request from some remote dutch people to come to bible school in south africa.

during a stopover visit in holland, we decided to meet up.

we have been friends ever since… and the beautiful sanne and i grew even closer when she spent a year living with our family in south africa.

i have had the privilege of witnessing her overcome trials, be built up on the inside, open her heart, find the love of her life, marry him, embrace her instant family, have a beautiful little boy, manage and orchestrate music that touches the heart of God and people… and learn to cook!
(of which the cooking one is the one that really puts me to shame…)

i am so proud of her and count her as someone who inputs goodness and godliness into my life and inspires me to cultivate the condition of my heart.

i cannot tell you how much i love this buddy of mine and when i got to hang out with her for a few days in holland recently, my heart felt so full. i also was fortunate to be there at the exact time when little jad was celebrating his first birthday – so i got to meet the little guy and share some cake with him.

we took a few moments for family snaps in a nearby forest in the area.

love this family – wish i could visit them more often, but let it be know, i’ll take whatever i can get!

much love to daniel (who makes everyone feel like they are his best friend, comfortable and cared for), the beautiful jai (my dutch tutor who introduced me to dutch blend tea! that i had to bring back with me), bente (who really walks to her own beat and has the most beautiful personality and heart) and jad (my little flappy seal)…

the pamcam families – joel, marjolien, isabelle and vienna [holland]

i think isabella and i are kindred spirits.

she has the attention span of a gnat. she is distracted by the teeniest things. she is easily excitable. she is possibly the silliest person in holland (yes, surpassing even joel, her dad).

i absolutely love her.

now, she has a little sister, vienna – who is the composed picture of peace that balances this duo perfectly.

it’s probably statistically impossible to be weird looking if you have parents that have great looks like this, but i still am amazed at just how gorgeous these two little girls are.

i spent a day with joel, marjolein and the girls in harderwijk, holland and snapped a few pics. honestly,if i didn’t have a train to catch, i could’ve gone on for days.

j & m, thanks for allowing me this glimpse into your world and spending this precious family time with me.

it may look hectic, but even her cry is gentle 🙂

another isabella moment. we were just getting ready to take a posed family shot… but she had other ideas…

i think this is one of my favourites. i told the family to do something crazy… and, lo and behold, little vienna even joined in!

a rare moment of just sweet smiles…

it didn’t last very long 🙂

like father, like daughter, right?

a little heart – isabella noticed this whilst speedily walking to the next location.

multi-tasking dad.

the pamcam people – karlien van jaarsveld

i have this photo philosophy…

it goes like this…

“there is no such thing as a non-photogenic person”. so in all my endeavoring, i endeavor to show that. sometimes the plainest places, with the ‘plainest’ people (so called) can produce the most beautiful, honest and gripping results.

but every so often, i allow myself to be carried by the tide of beauty = beauty. such was the story of this day…

so lets add up the “beautifuls” shall we:
• karlien van jaarsveld – gorgeous blond bombshell with huge liquid brown eyes and winning shy smile
• spero villioti – couture dresses with vintage flair
bell gables restaurant – eclectic and classical opulence at its best
image by suna – dramatic vintage makeup and amazing styling planning and touches
elisabet g – the bespoke millinery and accessories for the finishing touch
jeauval clearwater – hero stylist martin and team for hair

and then they all combine…

and just for a day, i allow myself to release my notions on inherent beauty in everything and just bask in the combined, synergistic and resplendent allure of what unfolds… and here, it really is effortless.